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Outdoor Optical Fiber Cable Double Armoured and Double Sheathed Central Loose Tube Fiber Optic Cable GYXTW53

Item No.: Y-FO-FC-025
GYXTW53 armoured loose tube fiber optic Cable, 
constructed with a central tube filled with water blocking
 jelly giving it excellent water and moisture resistance.
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The GYXTW53 armoured loose tube fiber optic Cable, constructed with a central tube filled with water 
blocking jelly giving it excellent water and moisture resistance. Two corrugated steel armouring and two 
steel wires strengthening with in the inner PE sheath and an outer PE sheath give this cable excellent tensile 
strength, mechanical and environmental protection.They have small diameter, light weight and installation 
friendly since they come in a single tube with loose tube fiber count up to 12 fibers. Their compact construction 
protects the loose tube from shrinking, the double armour makes it crush, rodent and impact resistance, 
the outer PE sheath gives it ultraviolet protection. 

GYXTW53 Outdoor Double Armoured and Double Sheathed Central Loose Tube Fiber Optic Cable
·Good mechanical and temperature performance 
·High strength loose tube that is hydrolysis resistant 
·Special tube filling compound ensure a critical protection of fiber 
·Crush resistance and flexibility 
·PSP enhancing moisture-proof 
·Two parallel steel wires ensure tensile strength 
·PE sheath gives excellent UV protection  
·Small diameter, light weight and friendly installation 
·Long delivery length

1. Adopted to Outdoor distribution
2. suitable for outdoor distribution through ducts, conduits or aerial pipe lines.
3. Long distance and local area network communication
4. Used outdoor cabling

Technical Parameters:
Cable Type Fiber 
Tubes Fillers Cable Diameter
Cable Weight
Tensile Strenth
 Long/Short Term(N)
Crush Resistance
 Long/Short Term(N/mm)
Bend Radius 
GYXTW53-2-6 2-6 1 5 13.7 190 1000/3000 300/1000 10D/20D
GYXTW53-8-12 8-12 2 4 13.7 190 1000/3000 300/1000 10D/20D
GYXTW53-14-18 14-18 3 3 13.7 190 1000/3000 300/1000 10D/20D
GYXTW53-20-24 20-24 4 2 13.7 190 1000/3000 300/1000 10D/20D

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