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Optoelectronic hybrid cable, Hybrid Photoelectric Composite Cable

Item No.: Y-FO-FC-056
We provide Optoelectronic hybrid cable, used to access network and connect BBU and RRU in DC remote supply system of distributed base station.
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The structure of the Optoelectronic hybrid cable is that 250 μ M optical fiber is put into the loose tube made of high modulus material, and the loose tube is filled with waterproof compound. The center of the cable core is a FRP or metal reinforced core (some structures need to add a layer of PE cushion on the reinforcement). The wire and loose tube (and filling rope) are twisted around the central reinforced core to form a compact and round cable core, and the gap in the cable core is filled with water blocking filler. The cable is made of PE or LSZH sheath after longitudinal wrapping of double-sided plastic coated steel strip (PSP).
An Optoelectronic hybrid cable sold by opelink

1.Photoelectric integration solves the problems of power consumption and signal transmission of equipment, and provides centralized monitoring and maintenance of equipment power supply
2.Improve the manageability of power supply, reduce power supply coordination and maintenance
3.Reduce procurement cost and save construction cost
4.The precise control of the fiber length ensures that the fiber has good tensile properties and temperature characteristics
5.It is mainly used to connect BBU and RRU in DC remote supply system of distributed base station

Telecommunication network construction, communication base station construction in rural and urban remote areas, optical fiber access to urban residential communities and buildings, security monitoring project
Cable construction details:
Number of Fiber 1 Core
Moisture Barrier Water blocking system
Copper wire customized
Central strength member Material FRP
Size Ф2.0mm
Sub-Units Material PVC
Size Ф3.5mm
Loose Tube Material PBT
Diamter Ф2.0mm
Ripcord 2
Tube filling Fiber Gel
Armoring Material Rolled aluminum strip
Outer Sheath Diamter 1.8±0.2mm
Operation Temperature(℃) —40+70
Installation Temperature(℃) —40+70

Electrical properties of insulating conductor:
Conductor cross-sectional area(mm2) Maximum DC resistance of a single conductor(20 ℃) (Ω/km) Insulation resistance(20 ℃) (MΩ.km) Insulation compressive strength KV, DC 1 minute
Each insulated wire is connected to
Between other metals connected in the cable
Between the wires Wire and gold
Armored tape
Wire and
Between the wires
3.5 5.31 ≥10000 5 5 3
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Nov 17, 2021
Besides the cables are also of good quality