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Gcyfty Multi-Layer Twisted Non-Metallic Air Blown optical Cable, Multicore Outdoor Air Blown Micro Duct Fiber Optic Cable

Item No.: Y-FO-FC-063
The air blown optical cable we provide adopts special composite material loose tube, which can reduce the shrinkage of the cryogenic tube; the control of the remaining length of the optical fiber is accurate, and the performance of the optical fiber is st
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The structure of gcyfty optical cable is that single-mode or multi-mode optical fiber is sheathed in a loose sleeve made of high modulus polyester material, and the sleeve is filled with waterproof compound. The center of the cable is a non-metallic reinforced core. The loose tube is twisted around the central reinforced core to form a compact round cable core. The gap in the cable core is filled with water blocking filler, and the cable is longitudinally wrapped with polyethylene sheath.
Gcyfty Non-Metallic Outdoor Air Blown optical Cable, this is a product of Opelink that is highly trusted by customers

1.Special composite material is used to loosen the casing to reduce the low temperature casing shrinkage;
2.The surplus length of optical fiber is controlled accurately, and the performance of optical fiber is stable;
3.Unique process control, to prevent wrinkling of sheath in air blowing;
4.High density polyethylene outer sheath, improve the air blowing distance.

Outdoor pipeline wiring, section LAN wiring and fiber to the home.

Cable construction details:
Optical cable model Core Cable OD
Allowable Tensile Strength
Crush Resistance
Long Term/Short term
(N/100 mm2)
Min. Bending Radius
GCYFTY 12~72 5.6±0.1mm 27±2 500 300/800 10D/20D
GCYFTY 96 6.4±0.1mm 40±2 1000 300/800 10D/20D
GCYFTY 144 7.8±0.1mm 55±2 1000 300/800 10D/20D
Blowing Tool Typical Blowing Length
PLUMETTAZ: PR-140, MiniJet-400 etc. Fiber account Duct  Type 8.0/10.0mm Duct Type 10.0/12.0mm
12~72 ≥ 1800m ≥ 2300m
96 ≥ 1800m ≥ 2300m
144 / ≥ 1200m
Structural parameters:
Number of Fiber   12-48 Core
Moisture Barrier Water blocking system
Central strength member Material FRP
Size φ1.2mm
 Loose Tube Material PBT
Size Φ1.5mm
 Tube filling Fiber Gel
 Outer Sheath Material PE, HDPE
Diamter 0.4 - 0.5mm
Operation Temperature() —40+70
Installation Temperature() —20+60

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May 19, 2022
Can you provide a free sample of this Air blown cable?