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Successful cooperation with Russian guests in lan-wdm products
                                                           Successful cooperation with Russian guests in lan-wdm products
This is a Russian customer. The inquiry received from this customer was in September this year.
LAN-WDM Module Supplier - OPELINK 
The product inquired by the customer is lan-wdm module. After looking at the customer's product requirements, I quickly sorted out the product quotation and product data and sent them to the customer. The customer didn't reply to me immediately, but replied to me the next day, saying that he was very interested in our products and hoped to know more about our company. I immediately sent the company's relevant introduction and product catalogue to customers, and the trust with customers began to be established step by step.
In the foreign trade industry, time is money is business opportunity. As long as the customer replies, I will reply immediately. The professionalism of products is also a crucial point. You should be more professional than your customers. You should better understand where your product advantages are and how to better meet the requirements of customers compared with products of the same category. When we choose suppliers from the perspective of customers, if we can achieve all the aspects we attach importance to, customers' trust in the company will be established.
It took less than a month from the inquiry to the completion of the order, and the communication was uninterrupted. The most frequently replied sentence in my email was "Stefan my friends, thanks for your fast reply". The most subsequent communication with customers is the use of products and our after-sales service. No matter in terms of product professionalism and personnel service, our company's after-sales team is also very excellent. They all work according to the customer-centered principle. The customers are very confident in our company, are very relieved of the products, are also very satisfied with the after-sales service, and give me a high evaluation.