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Outdoor FTTA waterproof ODVA/PDLC-LC Patch Cord

Item No.: Y-FO-FP-026
PDLC Waterproof fiber optic patch cord have the functions of waterproof, dust poof, It widely used in FTTA, Base station, and the outdoor water poof condition.
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PDLC/ODVA Waterproof fiber optic patch cord is standard size for Duplex LC Connectors, and the outer housing with metal protective device.
The connecting is safe and reliable. Also have the functions of waterproof, dust poof.  This patch cords widely used in FTTA, Base station,
and the outdoor water poof condition.

Standard Duplex LC connector, well connected with standard LC adaptor 
Available Single mode and Multimode 
IP67 protection, salt-mist proof, humidity proof, dust proof 
Low insertion/return loss, steady optical transmitting.
Light weight, waterproof, dustproof, moisture proof, Metal hard housing. 
Used in bad outdoor condition
Used in connecting communication equipment
Indoor Horizontal and Vertical Wiring
Mainly used in wireless base station (BS)

Optical Specifications:      
Connector type LC/UPC
Insertion Loss ≤0.3db
Return Loss ≥50db
Fiber Mode Single mode(G652D,G657A)
Cable OD 7.0mm
Operating Wavelength 1310nm,1550nm
Fiber Length 1m, 2m….. Other length optional
Operating Temperature -20℃- +75℃
Storage Temperature -40℃- +75℃

Geometric Specification:
Parameter PC  Polishing APC Polishing
SC Type LC Type  
R.O.C 10~25mm 7~25mm 5~12mm
Apex Offset <50um <50um <50um
Fiber Height -125nm-50nm   -100nm-100nm
Polishing Angle     8°± 0.3°


Sep 10, 2019
Very happy experience and high quality products. I made the cable installed according to the introduction on the page.
Jul 29, 2019
Best cable for the price. Super flexible multimode cable.