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Fiber Optic Polishing Machine, High quality central pressure Optical fiber grinding machine, excellent performance optical fiber grinder

Item No.: Y-FO-OE-008
professional supplier of Fiber Optic Polishing Machine, our central pressure Optical fiber grinding machines are safe, efficient, highly reliable, and excellent in performance
The introduction of optical fiber grinding machine
Optical fiber grinder is a grinding equipment which is specially used for grinding optical fiber connectors, widely used in the optical fiber industry.  
Optical fiber grinding machine is mainly used to process the optical fiber end of optical fiber products, such as optical fiber connector (jumper/patch cord,pigtail, fast connector), Energy fiber, plastic optical fiber, device embedded short core and so on.  It is widely used in optical communication industry, and in usual way, we use several Optical fiber grinding machines and curing furnace end tester, crimping machine, tester and other equipment tools together to form one or more production lines for production  to produce Fiber jumper,pigtail, embedded short core and other passive devices.  
Fiber Optic Polishing Machine 
Operating Principle
The central pressurized optical fiber grinding machine controls revolution and rotation respectively through the motor, so as to achieve the effect of 8-shaped grinding.  Central pressure  grinding machine is a grinding machine conducts the pressure through the center position of the grinding fixture and changes the grinding pressure by adjusting the position of the hammer.  The common fixtures for central pressure grinding machine are 12 or 24, can grind 12/24 optical fiber head at the same time, the production efficiency is relatively lower than four corners pressure
Technical specification
The main parameters
(1) Pressure method:Center pressurization
(2) Pressure adjustment:0~2.5Kg
(3) Outer diameter of grinding chassis: 110mm
(4) Net weight of  the machine: 25kg
(5) The sizeof the machine: 360Lx260Wx500H
(6) Grinding time setting: 99 minutes 59 seconds (Max.)
(7) Rotation speed of grinding chassis: 0rpm ~ 180 rpm
(8) Runout of grinding chassis (radial and circumferential): <1um
(9) The pressure of counter weight : 2.1 ~ 3.6 kgf/cm(sq)
(10) Power supply: AC220V, 50 Hz
The index of polished connector 
Insertion loss ≤0.3dB (single mode) / ≤0.2dB (multimode)
Return loss   ≥50dB(PC)/≥60dB(APC)
Radius of curvature 10~25mm
Bump shift ≤50 μm
Concavity/Protrusion ≤50nm
Repetitive loss≤0.1dB
Interchange loss≤0.2dB
Application of connectors
MT,mini-MT ,MT-RJ
Pigtail    Fiber-arry     PLC

Performance characteristics of optical fiber polishing machine
1. It can process ceramics (including extremely hard ZrO2), quartz, glass, metal, plastic and other materials.
2. Independent rotation and revolution compound movement ensure the uniformity and consistency of grinding quality. The revolution can be stepless speed regulation, and the speed regulation range is
15-180rpm, which can meet the requirements of different grinding processes.
3. The center pressure design, and the grinding time can be set arbitrarily according to the processing requirements.
4. The jitter of the grinding platen plane at a revolution speed of 100rpm is less than 0.015mm.
5. Automatically record the number of grinding times, and can guide the operator to adjust the grinding time according to the usage counts of the grinding paper
6. Stable quality of processing   and low  repair rate  (several units can be paralleled to form a production line).
7. Add or cancel forward and reverse functions according to customer requirements.
8. The use of polymer waterproof materials ensures that electrical appliances and chassis are sealed and waterproof.
9. The digital display of revolution speed can be designed according to customer requirements for grinding quality control.
Product superiority
1. Grinding adjust the grinding speed at any time (15~180rpm).
2. High-precision mechanical cooperation, independent rotation and revolution compound movement, to ensure the uniformity and consistency of the grinding quality.
3. The waterproof performance of the product is strengthened, and the structure is professionally designed to ensure the safe and reliable use of the equipment.
4. Automatically record the grinding times and grinding time setting.
5. It is convenient and quick to pressurize, unload and replace the jig and grinding sheet.
6. Stable processing quality, low repair rate
7. Several units can be arranged in parallel to form a production line)
8. Saving of consumables, low grinding cost
Operating instructions
Place the grinding jig on the contour, loosen the grinding jig and fixing screw,
Put the ferrule vertically into the clamp slot, press the boot of ferrule with of the left finger, and hold the screw wrench in the right hand to tighten the screw. After all the fixtures are slotted and filled,start the next process

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