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FC / APC Fiber optic Polishing Jig, Customized Fiber optic connector Polishing Fixture used in central polishing machine

Item No.: Y-FO-PF-002
Opelink's FC/APC Fiber optic polishing fixture has high polishing accuracy and is easy to operate. It is an advantageous product for the central pressure polishing machine.

This Fiber polishing fixture for FC/APC 12 Connectors are made of stainless steel,Adopt central pressurized
way to polish, used for mechanically polishing the ends of fiber-optic jumpers, cables, patchcords or assemblies.
Meanwhile, the adapter of connector jig can be interchanged, prolong the service life of grinding plate.Our the
polishing fixture pass rate with Interference> = 98% (100% Typical, according to IEC).
12 port FC / APC Fiber optic Polishing Jig

1.The fiber optical polishing fixture is used in central polishing machine, to plishing FC/APC Connector. 
2.This fiber optical polishing fixture adopt independent pressurized way, eliminate ferrules show the different length effects on polishing 
3.Each fiber optical polishing fixture can hold 12 connectors. It has high production efficiency. 
4.The plugs of fiber optical polishing fixture can be interchanged, extend fiber polishing fixture's life. 
5.The fiber optical polishing fixture has good quality, high efficiency
6.All kinds of fiber optical polishing fixtures can be customized according by customer requirment.  


1.Polishing ferrule for patchcords, such as FC/APC

2.FC/APC ferrule Manufacturer polishes geometry dimensions; 
3.FC/APC attenuator ferrule polishing;

Product Details:

Product Type Fiber Polishing Fixture Number of Connectors 12 or Customized
Part Number FC/APC-XX Material Stainless Steel
Apex Offset 0~50μm Fiber Height -100~100nm
Ferrule Holder size 2.5mm Connector Style FC/APC
Function Grinding and Polishing Grinding Method central polishing machine

Note:We can design many other fixture/jigs according to the customer request.


Nov 08, 2021
We are planning to purchase this FC / APC Fiber optic Polishing Jig, can we provide a quotation reference?