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FBG Reflector, FC/APC Metal Male-Female Fiber Reflector

Item No.: Y-FO-FA-086
FBG Reflector is the ideal optical termination for FTTX network link monitoring. FTTX reflectors are suitable for both point to point and point to multipoint networks.
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FBG Optical Reflector,it is the optical fiber type device which formed the diffraction grating into the core of an optical fiber, and gave the function as a light filter.
FBG ID Connector, with optical connector at on end, and optical adapter at the other end, is easy for fiber connector. When wavelength interrogator send certain ranged WDM signals to FBG ID Connector, the FBG will reflect certain wavelengths, so as to detect the fiber connection.
If there is no breakage of the fiber, the telecom wavelengths other than FBG wavelength will pass through successfully
FC/APC Metal Male-Female FBG Reflector
1.High Stability and High Reliability
2.Adapter shape,easy for connection
3.Different wavelengths,no influence on formal telecommunications
4.Long Distance Optical Cable Detection
5.Resistant to electromagnetic interference

Detection and maintenance of Passive Optical Network lines (applied to FTTx)

Parameters Unit Specifications
Working band
Transmission band nm 1260~1625
Reflection band nm 1645~1655
Transmission band
Insertion Loss dB ≤1.4
>21 (1645~1655nm)
Insertion Loss – reflection band dB ≤1.01645~1655nm
Return Loss dB >35
PDL dB ≤0.4(1260~1600nm)
Ripple dB ≤0.6(1645~1655nm)
TDL dB ≤0.5(1260~1600nm)
Maximum optical power dBm 27