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Successful cooperation with American customers on fiber optic wall outlet products
                                                  Successful cooperation with American customers on fiber optic wall outlet products
In August, this American customer approached us and asked about some information about Fiber Optic Wall Outlet products, and hoped to find another supplier for cooperation. I guess the customer may have other considerations, or maybe the customer just wants to find another one. Suppliers come to avoid risks. In any case, customer needs are very clear, and the specifications, quantities, and requirements of the required products are described in detail in the email. So when I return to the customers email, I try to only talk to the customer about dry goods, such as supply capacity, price, delivery date, etc. After the initial contact, the client did not express his willingness to cooperate soon. It wasn't until more than a month later that the customer emailed me, saying that he hoped to cooperate and discuss the details further. 
white color fiber optic wall outlet with 4 fiber cable
The customer sent some documents, including detailed product requirements, packaging boxes, labels, accessories, etc. I seemed to feel some hope and began to prepare an offer. After several days of contact, we basically finalized the price and delivery date of these accessories. Finally, the final price was quoted according to the customer's requirements. Of course, the final transaction price was determined after several discussions with the customer.

Finally, the customer gave us a sample order. After that, the client kept in touch with us and basically went through all the previous content again, and the client often asked us to provide pictures for the client to look at and confirm. Customers often tell us that if you have any questions, you must ask him. He confirms and replies to all our questions seriously. In this way, we completed the customer's first order and delivered it smoothly. After the customer receives the goods, let us wait patiently, they will have an evaluation process. I feel that our customers are quite recognized by us.
I realize that we must be patient, careful and serious to the requirements of customers, especially those who require high details.