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Spring Tour
The important plan in one year is in Spring.In this spring moment, in the three-day holiday during the tomb-sweeping day, Opelink provided all its employees with an opportunity to get close to nature and experience nature.
Spring Tour Plan: Luofu Mountain, Huizhou
On the April 7th
At 7:30 in the morning - all employees gathered the gate of the company, and brought lunch for climbing mountain respectively
At 10:00 ------Climbed mountain
At 17:00-----Arranged hotel for accommodation after going down from mountain
At 20: 00----- Took a bath in outdoor hot spring

On April 8th
At 9:00----Flower Theme Park
At 11:00----being back to Shenzhen
Spring Tour Mission
In order to enhance the physical fitness and vital capacity of the employees and have a full-scale aerobic respiration, be close to as well as experience the nature in person. At the same time,it's also for enriching the lives of employees out of their works and make them feel more relaxing and comfortable, in addition, to promote deep friendships among colleagues.