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Our company successfully started cooperation with Russian Telecom

Professional answers, one-stop products and services, excellent quality, reasonable prices, and finally won the trust of Russian customers.
                                     Our company successfully started cooperation with Russian Telecom 
Customers started to contact our company at the beginning of 2019. Because the Fiber Optic products which customer need are mutiple and the delivery time is short, the customers supplier could not meet their requirements. On this situation, the customers began to contact our company for products consultation.

According to the customers demands information that need to purchase multiple products (some of which are unconventional products) at one time, we actively confirmed the models and product details requirements with customer. And our sales team quickly determine the solutions. On the one hand, for the customized optical splitter, the customer need us to add steel pipes in the plastic box, and it also needs to be fixed with glue. This increases the difficulty of production to a certain extent and has the risk of extending the delivery time . Therefore, we negotiated with the production department and asked them to make partial changes and adjustments in accordance with the customers requirements, Eventually, we finished the prduction on time, and caught up the delivery time.

In addition,for some products we dont need,  we asked help from our partners. After getting the customer's approval, we completed the one-stop purchase of all products.
With the high cooperation of the production department and the strong support of our partners, our one-stop procurement saves customers the purchase cost, shortens the expected delivery time to a certain extent, and is highly praised by customers. We also got a stable high-quality customer for our company.