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Our company and a Taiwanese telecom operator cooperate on fiber optic patch cords
                   Our company and a Taiwanese telecom operator cooperate on fiber  optic patch cords

At the beginning of February 202
1, due to the epidemic period, most companies have not yet started work, and there are few people who went to work, and the worker number is ranging from 20%-50%. However, the operator needs to complete an order for 90,000 fiber optic jumpers within 3 weeks. In addition, this customer requires fiber patch cord to be grade A. So they need to find a supplier that can deliver well qualified goods in a short time.
sc/apc-sc/apc fiber optic patch cord 
Due to the limited operators went to work at each company during the epidemic, most companies were unable to meet customer’ s delivery requirements, and customers had high quality requirements, which would also greatly reduce production speed, and customers had special requirements for materials which is short boo. And the raw materials need to be purchased, which also slows down the process. Thus this customer needed to find a supplier that can organize multiple companies to complete orders in a short time.

12 fiber Lc/apc - MPO Patchcord 
After customers consulted several companies, they finally found our company for help. At this emergency moment, our company integrated three factories, including our own factory, to complete the order within one month. Our company purchased special raw materials and provide them to the 3 factories. In this way, we are unified for the materials, the color, and the packaging. We sent people to each factory to guide the packaging and packing in accordance with customer requirements. Finally, with the joint efforts of everyone, the work was successfully completed in one month.

12 fiber OM3 LC - MPO Patchcord 
Although it had exceeded the expected delivery period of one week, the customer was still very grateful for our efforts. The high-quality products and timely delivery have made customers very satisfied and allowed them to carry out construction actions in time.