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Order received from American guests: 100pcs 2x64 rack mount fiber splitter
                               Order received from American guests: 100pcs 2x64 rack mount fiber splitter
On October 19, 2021, we received an inquiry from the United States. The inquired product is rack mount fiber splitter. The customer needs a 1U standard size, 2x64 fiber splitter with a quantity of 100pcs. He also asked whether he could provide samples? Do you have more detailed information, price and delivery date, etc.

2x64 rack mount fiber splitter
Then I confessed to the customer's price and sample delivery date, and attached the product specifications. After a while, the customer replied to the e-mail and said that two samples are needed, how to pay, etc. I was very happy to hear such news, and then I did PI for the customer. After a day, I received the payment from the customer, so I arranged to place an order for production and sent it out smoothly.
Rack mount fiber splitter side view
The customer received the sample sent by our company and tested it. The customer was very happy to say: The sample test has passed, you are great, and we are also glad to hear this news. In the middle of November, the customer officially placed the order and was extremely happy. He sent PI email back to the customer and the customer paid the payment in accordance with the agreed proportion.
During the production period, I will regularly send the customer the production status of the product. I must move him with patience, let him always believe in you, and do everything the same. After all, integrity is the long-term stone of business cooperation. Our production is very smooth, and the customer did not report any problems after receiving the goods, that is the affirmation of the quality of our products.