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Harvest optical DWDM order of 2000set from Russian customer
                                                                      Harvest optical DWDM order of 2000set from Russian customer
In mid September, I received an inquiry from Russia. The content of the inquiry only roughly said that 9CH DWDM was needed, and then I replied to several basic questions. Because many such inquiries were received, most of them were dead in the sea and there was no hope, so I didn't hold much hope at that time.
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Unexpectedly, the customer would reply to the email the next day, and I began to take it seriously. But because the product he wants has some special requirements, after technical evaluation, it can meet the requirements of customers. After a few emails, the customer said that they wanted samples first. I was so excited at the time. Generally, I would like to ask for samples. Then I arranged for customers to make payment and proofing. It took more than a week, and the samples were sent.
Customer feedback is good, directly under a small order, according to the sample price! Because the customer's payment was delayed, we waited for a long time, during which we communicated with the customer many times. They were really patient and polite, and really appreciated meeting such a good customer! Just when the goods were ready, the customer wanted to visit the factory, so I made an appointment and helped recommend the hotel. The visitors were a technician and a manager. After they arrived, they inspected the goods, visited the factory, exchanged some technical questions and asked about the customization of some special products. Basically, there was no problem.
This is their first time to Shenzhen. They have to stay for three days and meet a friend. After we talked that day, they said to go to Huaqiangbei and we'll send a car to see them off. Not long after they went back, they were very satisfied with our products after receiving small orders. They will continue to place orders in the future.
Now we have been cooperating, and we have more and more black deeds. I also try my best to cooperate with them and achieve a win-win situation. Thanks to them for allowing me to grow up so much and learn a lot, so that when I am confused whether or not to stick to it, they give me hope.