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An MPO Patchcord order from a European customer
                                                                          An MPO Patchcord order from a European customer
I would like to share with you a one-sentence inquiry customer's order, this is a European customer.
When I first received this enquiry, the buyer just said "please give me the price of this MPO Patchcord CIF". At that time, he thought it was a passer-by who was collecting information and asking for a quotation.

12 fiber Ribbon cable MPO Patchcord
At that time, the first e-mail did not have a quotation, but asked some questions about the product characteristics, and I thought I would not reply. When I got home after work, the customer actually returned an email to me. I immediately added his whatsapp and talked about his requirements for the product in detail, and I answered in detail on whatsapp. After talking about everything, I immediately prepared a detailed Quotation and sent it over. After seeing it, the customer was very happy and said that he was satisfied and liked my style of doing things very much.
That night, the customer proposed to order a sample and place an order after ensuring that the sample is qualified. At that time, I thought he was just talking, because he didn't have the samples yet. But that night I still made two PI and sent them. The next day, the customer paid us the sample fee. The customer paid the order fee immediately the day after the sample arrived.
In these exchanges, our communication topics have also changed from business to small things. I established a strong sense of trust with the customer. When he needed other products, he contacted me at the first time, and even some peripheral derivatives were interested in asking our company to help purchase.
More than a month later, when the customer saw this batch of goods, he was very happy and immediately sent me photos and told me that there would be another order next month.
This customer can talk so smoothly, mainly is to deal with the problem in time. If the customer has any problem, I will try my best to give the solution as soon as possible.