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Shanxi province of China plans to build 13,000 new 5G base stations, which is now 29% completed

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Update time : 2021-08-09 12:02:16
                      Shanxi province of China plans to build 13,000 new 5G base stations, which is now 29% completed
Recently, China's Shanxi Provincial Communications Administration held a press conference to accelerate the construction of 5G network infrastructure and commercial use. The press conference introduced in detail the development of 5G network construction in Shanxi Province.
Shanxi Administration attaches great importance to 5G network construction. As of the end of March, Shanxi Province had built a total of 3800 5G base stations, 11 key areas, and important scenarios were the first to complete 5G coverage, successfully completing the Shanxi Province Building Mobile Communication Infrastructure Construction Standards. The city's transportation departments coordinated with the relevant public resource management units to free and open public resources for the construction of 5G networks, and cooperated with the entrance construction and post-maintenance work, which allowed the public resources to be freely opened to 5G base stations. Making full use of 5G information and communication technology to reduce crowd gathering, stop the spread of virus, ensure the gradual recovery of production and living order, and help enterprises resume production.
In the next step, Shanxi Administration will speed up the construction of 5G basic networks. By 2020, 13,000 new 5G base stations will be built to ensure the continuous coverage and commercialization of 5G networks in the central urban areas by the end of the year. Accelerate the promotion of municipal people's governments to formulate and publish free public resource open lists, and build free 5G base stations and other information and communication networks for basic telecommunications operating companies and iron tower companies.
As a member of China's 5G construction, Shanxi Province symbolizes the active respond pf various provinces to 5G + smart transportation, smart communities, smart energy, digital urban management in China.
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