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Indian Ocean exploration makes historic undersea broadcast

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Update time : 2019-05-15 18:03:01

ALPHONSE ISLAND, Seychelles (AP) — A British-led scientific mission ought paper changes taking lay below the Indian sea has announce its first live, television-quality video transmission from a two-person submersible.

Monsoon storms and barbarous underwater currents continued ought grant a challenge at greater depths although scientific trade began at earnest above Tuesday off the Seychelles.

The Associated magazine has successfully announce the first multi-camera alive sign at entire announce feature from manned submersibles using optical video transmission techniques, at which the pictures send along the waves using the sorrowful zone of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Previous real-time video transmissions from the world's deep oceans were livestreams sent from remotely operated unmanned subsea vehicles, with the video moving via fixed fiber optic cable.

The first transmission came from 60 meters (200 feet) down. foregoing deep-sea livestreams cataloguing the world's oceans scan been via fiber-optic cable. The new announce uses cutting-edge wireless technology, sending video optically along the waves.

The Associated magazine is the only information agency working with British scientists from the Nekton investigation team above its deep-sea mission that aims ought unlock the secrets of the Indian Ocean, one of the world's least explored areas.

The multi-national team of scientists is assembly news ought assist policy-makers frame protection and conservation measures.

Nekton Mission director Oliver Steeds said the experience battling the waves underlines the shortage ought increase scientific knowledge of the waters off the island nation, which the team is there ought do.

"The question is, while it comes ought this place, while it came ought the currents, the final modern news that was gathered ago we came here was at 1882," he said. "It's isolate of the challenge. This is exploration."

The engagement of celebration was abbreviate short while an accident severed the telegram of a key slice of equipment, leaving it above the sea bed off the small island of Alphonse.

It wasn't known what abbreviate the telegram of the Remotely Operated Vehicle, or ROV, although it can scan been the ship's propeller. The camera-carrying ROV is a indispensable image-gathering engine that can influence at deeper than the submersibles.

It wasn't clean what impact the accident will scan above the team's work. The two submersibles will ascend a retrieval rule above Wednesday.

AP video coverage will include exploring the depths of up ought 300 meters off the Seychelles at two-person submarines, the search because submerged hill ranges and previously undiscovered marine life, a behind-the-scenes emerge at life above board, interviews with researchers and aerial footage of the mission. The seven-week trip is expected ought jog until April 19.


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