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MU/PC Simplex Singlemode Optical fiber connector MU Boot fiber Optic Connector

Item No.: Y-FO-CP-009
MU/PC Simplex Singlemode Optical fiber connector, Brown Housing, It is the smallest single - core fiber optic connector, Self-holding mechanism, Its advantage lies in the realization of high-density installation.
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The fiber optic connector is one of the most basic passive components in the optical fiber communication. There are difference ferrule materials 
(ceramic, plastic, metal), a variety of body and boot color to choose. Through the process of curing and polishing, etc., the connector is combined 
with various of fiber optic cable and made into different kinds of patchcord (jumper), which have been widely applied to the CATV system, 
Communications system, FTTx system, Local Area Networks, Wide Area Networks, Metro,Test equipment, Active device termination and so on.

MU/PC Simplex Singlemode fiber Optic Connector

High quality ceramic components and Material
Simplex, duplex and higher core densities
0.9mm, 2mm, 3mm cable applications

.Active device termination
.Telecommunication networks
.Local Area Networks (LANs)
.Data processing networks
·Test equipment
·Precise installations
·Wide Area Networks (WANs)
·Industrial, medical & military

Connector Type SC,LC,FC,ST,MU,D4,DIN,etc
Fiber mode Singlemode Multimode
Test wavelength 1310nm, 1550nm 850nm, 1300nm
Insertion Loss typical≤0.20dB,Max≤0.30dB typical≤0.2dB,Max≤0.3dB
Return Loss UPC≥50.0dB,APC≥60.0dB  
Ferrule Specification 125.3+1/-0μm, Concentricity: ≤1.0μm 127+3/-0μm, Concentricity: ≤3.0μm
Durability ≤0.20dB typical change,1000 mating
Applicative cable OD. 0.9mm/1.8mm&2.0mm /3.0mm 
Connector Ferrule OD. 2.5mm:SC, FC,ST,DIN;   2.0mm:D4;   1.25mm:LC,MU
Angle BOOT SC,LC(45 or 90 degree)
Operating Temperature -20ºC to +70ºC
Storage Temperature -40ºC to +85ºC
Connector Ferrule Ceramic
Connector Body UL 94V-0 rated Thermoplastic 
to meet standard ammability ratings
Crimp Insert/Crimp Tube  Nickel-Plated Brass/Thermoplastic 
Elastomer Polymer
Dust Cap Nylon or PVC or PE