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Heat Curing Fiber Optic Adhesives

Item No.: Y-FO-EA-001
Opelink High Temperature Fiber Optic Glue is a two component, heat curing designed for high temperature applications. It becomes a favorite epoxy of many fiber optic users.

The heat curing  adhesive has high bonding strength for most materials and has a high absorbency (absorbency rate≤0.2%). After curing, the coating film will change into a transparent solid amber color.

Heat Curing Epoxy Adhesives
Applied for mechanical processing and is strong enough to withstand temperature ranges.
Mixing ratio: A:B =10:1
Curing condition: 80℃ 30 minutes, 100℃ 15 minutes, 120℃ 10 minutes, 150℃ 1 minutes
Storage life: in room temperature, over 12 months (put part A and part B separately)
Working time: 1-2 days (room temperature), 10 days (0℃), 30 days (-15℃), with limit in 20 g