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GJYXCH FTTH Drop Fiber Cable, FTTH Self-supporting Figure 8 stranded steel type Drop Cable

Item No.: Y-FO-FC-010
GJYXCH Self-supporting FTTH Drop Fiber Cable, Metal Strength Member, Professional production technology and product service, high standard parameter performance, welcome to inquiry.
Description Parameters Company Profile Related Product
Drop Fiber optic cables for telecommunication(Bow-type),suitable for optical fiber to the user (FTTH) network ,users to introduce the
section of the cable, but also apply to the Office (FTTO) and optical fiber to the building (FTTB) ,and other optical fiber access network
users to introduce the section of the optical cable.The drop FTTH cables are with flame retardant jacket and with supporting wire, there
are strengthen members inside the cables for supporting the whole cables, the whole cable meet the RoHS standards and contains no
harmful components, in general,it is a highly recommended FTTH drop cables for use in the fiber to the home projects.

GJYXCH FTTH Drop Fiber Cable
Adopt fiber with small bending radius (G.657),
offering good bending resistance;
Adopt all-dry structure and fiber with small bending radius,
offering good bending resistance;
Easy cable stripping without need of tools, easy cable fixation
and low cost of installation.
As FTTH cable,for indoor horizontal and vertical cabling;
Indoor cabling  under  carpet and along corner.
Outdoor cable suitable as cable extending from outdoor (as aerial cable)
to indoor

   Technical Parameters:

Item Contents Value
Fibre Count 1 2 4
Self-supporting Strength member material Steel wire
diameter (mm) 1.1mm
Strength member material KFRP/Steel wire
diameter (mm) 0.52/0.45 0.52/0.45 0.52/0.45
Sheath Thickness (mm)  
Cable  diameter(mm) Approx. 2.0*5.2(±0.1) 2.0*5.2(±0.1) 2.0*5.2(±0.1)
Cable weight(kg/km) Approx. 18.5/20 19/20.5 20/21.5
Operating  temperature range -40~+70
Tensile Strength Short/ Long Term(N) 600/300
Crush resistance short/long term (N/100mm) 1000/500

   Mechanical Characteristic
Items Test Standard Specified Value Requirements
Tension IEC 60794-1-2-E1 See Technical data Additional attenuation:
0.4dB after test
Crush IEC 60794-1-2-E3 See Technical data Additional attenuation:
0.4dB after test
Impact IEC 60794-1-2-E4 R=300mm, 10Nm,
one in 3 different places
Additional attenuation:
0.4dB after test
Repeated Bending IEC 60794-1-2-E6 R=30H Additional attenuation:
0.4dB after test
Temperature Cycling IEC 60794-1-2-F1 -40~+70 Attenuation change:
0.4dB/km after test
    Notes:All optical measurements at 1550nm.


Jun 26, 2019
Excellent company to do business with! The cables arrived packaged amazingly well! Promptly shipped! Would highly recommend this company!
May 27, 2019
High-quality product, will come back for more. Thanks
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Fast product delivery. I have purchased from them several times.