FTTH Drop cable patch cord, SC/UPC - SC/UPC FTTH Fiber Optic Jumper, For FTTX network Fiber patch cable

Item No.: Y-FO-FP-053
FTTH Drop cable patch cord used to FTTX network end-to-end fibre cable connectivity, FTTH Fiber Optic Distribution boxes and other forms of installation, Opelink can provide FTTH branch jumpers with SC/FC/LC connectors.
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FTTH Drop cable patch cord is composed of a FTTH Drop Fiber cable terminated with different connectors on the ends. For the
fiber patch cables, there are two major 
application areas which are computer work station to outlet and fiber optic patch panels
or optical cross connect 
distribution center. For some experienced engineers, they usually divide fiber patch cord as pigtails.

SC/UPC - SC/UPC FTTH Drop cable patch cord, LSZH black color


Low insertion loss and High Return Loss
Good durability
Good exchangeability

Convenient installation
High temperature stability
Higher reliability performance


Lan, Wan

CCTV networks

Access Wiring

Optical Distribution Fram

Telecommunications networks

FTTX for end-to-end fibre cable connectivity

Connecting Between backbone optical cable and RX

Optical Specifications:      
Parameter Singlemode Patchcord/Pigtail Multimode Patchcord/Pigtail
Polishing  Type PC UPC APC PC
Insertion loss(dB) <=0.3dB,MTRJ<=0.5dB <=0.3dB <=0.3dB <=0.3dB,MTRJ<=0.5dB
Return loss(dB) >=45dB,MTRJ>=35dB >=55dB >=65dB  
Operating temperature -20ºC~75ºC
Storage Temperature -40ºC~75ºC
100 mating cycles loss I.L changed≤0.1dB
Durability >1000 cycles
Geometric Specification:
Parameter PC  Polishing APC Polishing
SC Type LC Type  
R.O.C 10~25mm 7~25mm 5~12mm
Apex Offset <50um <50um <50um
Fiber Height -125nm-50nm   -100nm-100nm
Polishing Angle     8°± 0.3°
Nov 02, 2021
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