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Distribution Fiber Optic Cable, Indoor Optical Fiber Bundle Cable

Item No.: Y-FO-FC-008
Indoor Distribution Optical Fiber bundle cable is made by evenly 
applying strands of Aramid yarns or High strength glass Yarns as 
the strength member over 900μm or 600μm tight buffer fibers
 and then is completed with PVC(LSZH)jacket.
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Indoor Distribution Optical Fiber bundle cable is made by evenly applying strands of Aramid yarns 
or High strength glass Yarns as the strength member over 900μm or 600μm tight buffer fibers and then
is completed with PVC(LSZH)jacket

High tensile strength due to aramid strength member;
Good flame retardant properties
Stable temperature performance
Excellent stripability with tight buffered fiber
High uniformity of geometrical characteristics.

Indoor riser level and plenum level cabling;
Fiber jumper or pigtail;
Indoor riser level and plenum level cabling;
Interconnections between instruments and communication Equipment

Fiber count Cable OD(mm) Cable Weight(kg/km) Tensile Strength
Crush Resistance
Bengding Radius(mm)
PVC Jacket LSZH Jacket Long Term /Short Term Long Term /Short Term Static/Dynamic
4 4.8±0.3 16 18 130/440 300/1000 20D/10D
6 5.1±0.3 20 23 130/440 300/1000 20D/10D
8 5.6±0.3 27 31 130/440 300/1000 20D/10D
12 6.2±0.3 32 36 130/440 300/1000 20D/10D
24 8.1±0.3 53 57 200/660 300/1000 20D/10D
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May 15, 2019
Cable quality is excellent. Thank you to help us to solve custom problem. Hope our business ship is going very well.