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Cooperation between our fiber optic cable products and Canadian telecom operators
                                  We have been working with a Canadian network operator for years
They used to purchase fiber Optic cable from Middle East countries, their supplier is very famous and maybe a little mighty, and not willing to lower down the cost. However, this cable has special structure and function which must be buried underground and be traced by some machine. However, they did not find the right supplier during a long period
 FTTH Self-supporting Fiber Drop Cable
Since 3 years ago,. We happen to know their company and know their request. And we learn that they have been big operator and has been enlarging their territory to XXXXXX, and so on, each year, they purchase new companies. However, they have to afford high cost to make this big company’ s running. they wish to reduce the cost. And they hope to find a company who can make this cable in high quality and also save cost for them.
Knowing this, it takes 2 months for us to design this new cable. We find the copper and copper clad steel to make it can be traced for the messenger. We made 8 test, open 6 dies, with the help of the sales, engineer, operator, and our management, we finally made this cable successfully. After deliver the sample to the customer, we correct the sample for 2 times, and then after 7 months’ test observation, our cable can be used finally.
From then on, each month, we export containers of cables to them, which save cost for at least 2 million USD for our customer till now