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Austrian customer's order for 500PCS of 1X8 Mini Blockless Fiber Optic Splitter
                                        Austrian customer’s order for 500PCS of 1X8 Mini Blockless Fiber Optic Splitter
On October 9, 2021, we received an enquiry from Austria. The customer expressed interest in our 1X8 Mini Blockless Fiber Optic Splitter product, and the demand was 500PCS. The customer has very clear requirements on the performance of the fiber splitter, so we immediately replied to the customer after finishing the quotation, adding the customer's skype, keeping in touch with the customer through email and Skype, and answering the customer's questions in a timely manner.

1X8 Mini Blockless Fiber Optic PLC Splitter
Later, the customer said that our product price exceeded the target price and hoped that we could provide a product quotation lower than the target price. After internal discussion, we made some concessions and explained the situation when replying to the guest's email. I hope the guest can understand. The customer was very satisfied with our reply and asked to send samples.
After the customer received the samples, he tested them in all aspects and said he was very satisfied, but it took time to discuss with his colleagues. In this way, a week passed, and the customer didn't reply any more.
When I suddenly saw the email from the customer, I was surprised and wondered whether I should place an order. The customer's email did confirm that the order was to be placed, and finally confirmed the packaging method and packaging specifications. The customer saw the sample and confirmed the quality. In this way, the list was confirmed.

Finally according to the customer requirements of the date of delivery, the customer's evaluation is also good.