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500PCS Fiber Optic distribution Box order from an Italian importer
                                                            500PCS Fiber Optic distribution Box order from an Italian importer
In mid-October, I received an inquiry from an Italian importer who wanted a Fiber Optic distribution box. The content is very detailed, looking for products of good quality and reasonable price, the specific parameters and pictures of the product are needed, and some special requirements for the product.

When I replied to him for the first time, I replied according to his inquiry, which was not detailed. But the customer still replied. In the process of repeated communication, I found that he attaches great importance to product quality and is also a businessman who likes to bargain. The customer felt that the price was too high, so I decided to give him several cheap prices for his reference and indicated that the product quality was not that good. He agreed and first asked for two samples of different quality and price.
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After the customer received the product, he compared it and decided to have the more expensive one. Of course, there are many small requirements behind him, and they all have concessions. With the first order of business, he has trusted me and contacted other suppliers in China and some after-sales problems, counter shipment, etc.
Foreign trade is a job that tests insight and willpower. It needs to perceive and discover with heart, and it also needs strong willpower to persevere and learn. The market is too big, no matter the environment is good or bad, in order to survive and develop, we must continue to innovate and keep pace with the times!