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By goodvin | 09 May 2023 | 3 Comments

what is the fiber optic fast connector?

Introduction of the fiber optic fast connector

Fiber optic fast connector is also called on-site assembly type connector, is an effective tool to achieve rapid termination of fiber, the internal by the pre-polished ferrule and mechanical joints, the end of the time do not need to use fiber splicer, also Do not need to glue and grinding, only through a simple connection tool using mechanical alignment technology to achieve the home of the cable directly into the end. The fiber optic fast connector can be directly applied to the corridor, home cable and other environments, without unnecessary protection, the basic can achieve the original line strength, reducing the wiring requirements, thus greatly improving the speed of FTTH fiber cabling is to achieve the whole An important guarantee for the optical network.

The working principle of fiber optic fast connector

The fiber optic fast connector can be divided into two kinds of pre-set fiber and non-preset fiber. The splicing point of the preset fiber optic fast connector is inside the connector and is pre-set with matching liquid; the splicing point of the non-preset fiber fast connector is not on the connector surface, directly through the adapter and the target fiber docking. The working principle of the non-preset fiber fast connector is simple and does not go on here. The following is a detailed description of the principle of the prefabricated fiber fast connector: As shown in the following figure, the preset fiber is glued to the ferrule, and the connecting point is provided with a light guide material with a refractive index similar to the core V-slot, in order to achieve the pre-set fiber and the target fiber seamless fit.

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