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MPO jumper for large-capacity data centers

                                       MPO jumper for large-capacity data centers
MPO jumpers are designed to high density multifibers solutions,fit for different installation environment and
 easy to install between the trunk line,data centers and buildings, and reduce cable management troubles.

The MPO jumper as called MPO fiber optic patch cord, It is a length of fiber optic cable terminated at both ends with connectors that allow it to be rapidly and conveniently connected to telecommunication equipment. Whether they are called a patch cord, patch cable or fiber optic jumper. Its a basic fiber optical cable and widely used in the fiber optical communication systems.

As the pictures are shown above, according to the connectors type, there are many types of the MPO Patch cord.
1. Female-male MPO patch cord
2. Male-male MPO patch cord.
3.Female-female MPO patch cord
4.Female/male- LC/FC/SC/ST MPO Patch cord.
5.MPO Ribbon fiber patch cord
polishing type for patch cord is UPC /APC.There are there are few choices for cable materials based on your requirements:PVC-OFNR,PVC-OFNP,LSZH. The length of the pigtails are customized.
We opelink has focused on providing the customer, high quality,competitive price, fast delivery and best service for many years.Patch cord is one of our main products. And we have professional workers and 4 line of patch cord production. we  can provide 700,000pcs per month. If you need any of them,Please do not hesitate to contact us.


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