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Introduction of MPO fiber jumper

Introduction of MPO fiber jumper
Various forms of MPO Fiber jumper can be produced after processing MPO connectors and optical fiber cables. MPO fiber optic patch cord products mainly include MPO-MPO fiber optic patch cords, MPO Fanout  fiber optic patch cords, and MPO Ribbon fiber optic patch cords.

MPO is more common 12 core, 16 core, 24 core, the current market use is more 12 core MPO connector. The compact design of MPO makes it have many cores and small size. It is widely used in connection applications of FTTX, 40/100G SFP, SFP+ and other transceiver devices in environments where high density integrated fiber lines are needed during wiring.
MPO fiber jumper advantages
1. Small footprint. The wiring of MPO jumpers is modularized, and the density of fiber optic wiring is increased through distribution frame, connection box and special mounting plate, so as to minimize the space occupied by wiring.
2. High construction efficiency. The MPO jumper can realize multi-core connection. The modular design of the connector is easy to operate, easy to install, remove and adjust, saving installation time and indirectly saving labor costs in the construction of the data center.
3. Convenient capacity expansion. Enlargement wiring can be implemented quickly by adding connection boxes.

Application of MPO jumper
1.Optical link interconnection in optical active equipment
2. Wiring in communication base station, wiring in distribution box
3.Building dense wiring system
4.Optical fiber communication system, cable TV network, telecommunications network
5.Local area network (LANs), wide area network (WANs), FTTx
6.Data center computer room wiring
Our optical fiber jumper products are in line with IEC, RoHS and other international standards, MPO optical fiber jumper can achieve ultra-low loss, far lower than the industry standard and other manufacturers provided by the typical loss of MPO connectors, to provide customers with good quality MPO jumper products.


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