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By goodvin | 07 August 2023 | 6 Comments

Introduction of FTTH Drop Fiber Cable and its future development

                            Introduction of FTTH Drop Fiber Cable and its future development

The FTTH Drop Fiber Cable is also called butterfly optical cable because it looks like a butterfly in cross section. It has the advantages of small outer diameter, light weight, low cost, reliable performance, and easy installation. It is the leading product for fiber optic cable in the construction of FTTH network. With the continuous advancement of FTTH construction, the demand for butterfly optical cables has also increased year after year, home digitalization will further develop, and butterfly optical cables will also be more widely used.

The structure of the current mainstream FTTH Drop Fiber Cable:
Place the optical fiber in the center, place two parallel metal or non-metal reinforcing elements (FRP) on both sides, and finally extrude it into a figure 8 sheath to form a cable
Features of The FTTH Drop Fiber Cable:
1. The optical cable has simple structure, light weight and strong tensile strength
2. Unique groove design, easy to peel, convenient to connect, simplify installation and maintenance
3. Low-smoke halogen-free flame-retardant sheath material, environmental protection and safety
4. The optical cable has small outer diameter, light weight, low cost, good flexibility and bending performance, and is widely used.
5. Lightweight and easy to lay, low construction cost, fast, flexible and quick.
6. The unique V-groove structure design on both sides makes the optical cable have better resistance to lateral pressure.
7. The arrangement of two strengthening cores makes the optical cable have better tensile performance
8. There is no grease in the optical cable and has a certain tensile performance, which is more suitable for integrated wiring in buildings
The advantages of the FTTH drop cable in the FTTH access network have been fully demonstrated. Its manufacturing technology and related supporting technologies have been quite mature. At this stage, the butterfly drop cable is the best choice for FTTH home cable. But With the development of FTTH and the upgrade to FTTR, the complex application environment has derived some new product structures, Listed as follows:
1.Invisible butterfly optical drop cable: Invisible butterfly optical drop cable is a new type of butterfly optical cable used for indoor wiring. The optical cable contains an invisible optical cable optical unit. It can be laid in the corridor using butterfly optical cable, and invisible optical cable is used indoors. It has no destructive impact on indoor decoration and is the preferred optical cable product for FTTR (fiber to the room) network transformation of existing buildings.
2.Butterfly optical cable for 5G: Butterfly optical cable is a small-size butterfly optical cable derived for the existing 5G construction. The optical cable is combined with the power cord to form an optical and electrical hybrid cable. It is the mainstream product used in the current 5G construction process.
3.Side-by-side structure butterfly-shaped drop cable, long-span weather-resistant butterfly-shaped drop cable: Side-by-side structure butterfly-shaped drop cable and weather-resistant large-span butterfly drop cable products can meet the application needs of some niche markets. The side-by-side structure butterfly-shaped drop fiber optic cable can realize the separate transmission of TV signals and data signals, but only requires one-time construction effect; the long-span weather-resistant butterfly-shaped drop fiber cable can meet the requirements of rural areas due to its large tensile strength and wear resistance. FTTH network construction and application in remote areas.
The FTTH Drop Fiber Cable is the best candidate for FTTX network solutions, and plays a unique role in the formation of intelligent buildings, digital communities, campus networks, local area networks and other networks.

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