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FTTH fiber cable: Bridge in FTTH network construction

FTTH fiber cable: Bridge in FTTH network construction

FTTH Fiber cable is a new type of user access optical cable. It is to put the optical fiber in the center, place two FRP/steel wires on both sides, extrude PVC/low smoke halogen free flame retardant sheath into a cable, and arrange V in the middle of the two sides. The groove is named after the shape of the cross section is like a butterfly. It also has many synonyms, such as: FTTH cable, ftth drop cable, Drop optical Fiber Cable, Drop Fiber Optic cable, ftth fiber drop cable and so on.

Ftth cable manufacturer is relatively easier than outdoor optical cables, it has the advantages of light weight, low cost, small outer diameter, reliable performance, easy construction, unique groove design, easy to peel off, strong tensile force, simplified installation and maintenance, etc. According to the different application environment and laying conditions, ftth fiber cable reasonably designs the optical cable structure and various technical parameters, making it the leading product of optical cable in the FTTH network construction, and more and more ftth drop cable suppliers join it, ftth cable manufacturer market fiery. With the continuous advancement of FTTH construction, the demand for butterfly optical cables continues to grow, the digitalization of homes will be further developed, and ftth fiber drop cables will also be more widely used.   

What is the overview of FTTH fiber cable?
FTTH fiber cable contains 1 ~ 4 silica optical fibers with coating layer. The coating layer of optical fiber can be colored. The color of the colored layer shall comply with the blue, orange, green, brown, gray, white, red, black, yellow, purple, pink or cyan specified in GB 6995.2, and the single fiber can be natural color.
The reinforcing member in the optical cable can be a metal reinforcing member of high-strength stainless steel wire or phosphated steel wire, or a non-metallic reinforcing member (FRP) of polyester aramid wire or other suitable fiber bundle. The reinforcing members of the optical cable are 2, which are parallel and symmetrical in the optical cable.
Requirements for FTTH cable manufacturer: the indoor and outdoor FTTH fiber drop cable has good anti-seepage ability, all gaps within the optical cable sheath have effective water blocking measures, and a water blocking layer is set between the aluminum strip and the ordinary butterfly optical cable. The water blocking layer material can be a water absorbing expansion belt or a water blocking yarn, a hot melt adhesive, or a water blocking ring is arranged at intervals.

What are the product models of FTTH Fiber cable?
1. GJXV: Metal reinforcement (FRP), PVC sheath, indoor Drop Fiber Optic cable, suitable for indoor wiring
2. GJXFV: non-metallic reinforcement (FRP), PVC sheath, indoor Drop Fiber Optic cable, suitable for indoor wiring
3. GJXH: Metal reinforcement (FRP), LSZH sheath, indoor Drop Fiber Optic cable, suitable for indoor wiring
4.GJXFH: non-metallic reinforcement (FRP), low smoke halogen free sheath, indoor lead Drop Optic cable, suitable for indoor wiring
5. GJYXHA: Metal reinforcement, LSZH inner sheath, PAP longitudinally pasted outer sheath, pipeline drop cable, suitable for outdoor (internal) pipeline introduction
6. GJYXFHA: non-metallic reinforcement, LSZH inner sheath, PAP longitudinally pasted outer sheath, pipeline type Drop Optic cable, suitable for outdoor (inner) pipeline introduction
7. GJYXFCH: Self-supporting butterfly drop cable. On the basis of butterfly drop cable, a metal suspension wire unit is added. The cable can be used both outdoors and indoors.

What are the characteristics of FTTH fiber cable?
1. The optical cable has the advantages of simple structure, light weight and strong tensile resistance,
2. Unique groove design, easy stripping, convenient connection, simplified installation and maintenance
3. Low smoke halogen-free flame retardant sheath material, environmental protection and safety
4. Optical cable has small outer diameter, light weight, low cost, good flexibility and bending performance, and is widely used.
5. It is light and easy to lay, with low construction cost, fast speed, flexibility and quickness.
6. The optical cable has high compressive flat force and tension resistance, and the self-supporting structure can meet the flying span setting below 50m.
7. The unique flat structure is easier to realize on-site termination and docking, which is conducive to reducing the cost of installation and connection.
8. FRP reinforcing materials shall be used to ensure the safety requirements for lightning stroke and strong current environment when the optical cable is used outdoors.
9. Halogen free flame retardant materials shall be adopted to meet the requirements of flame retardant performance for indoor use of optical cables.
10. The tight sleeve structure makes the product free from ointment pollution and has good waterproof requirements.
11. The tight package structure can effectively reduce the size and weight of the optical cable and reduce the manufacturing cost on the premise of ensuring various performances.
12. Optical fiber dry structure makes FTTH cable manufacturer easier.

In addition to the features listed above, more advantages need the attention and dissemination of FTTH drop cable supplier to serve the development of the industry and customers.  

The new technology in the industry is constantly developing. As an ftth drop cable supplier, what are our expectations for FTTH Fiber cable?
The current version of FTTH Fiber cable YD/T 1997.1-2014 has been around for many years. With the development of FTTH and the upgrade to FTTR, some new product structures have been derived from the changing application environment. Due to the different demand environment, the ftth cable manufacturers are quite different, so the new standard has been formulated and the specification content of the new ftth fiber drop cable is added, as follows:
1. Invisible ftth drop cable: Invisible ftth fiber drop cable belongs to a new type of butterfly optical cable for indoor wiring. The optical cable contains invisible optical cable optical units, which can be laid with butterfly optical cables in the corridor, and invisible optical cables are used indoors. , has no destructive impact on interior decoration, and is the preferred optical cable product for FTTR (fiber-to-the-room) network reconstruction in existing buildings.
2. ftth drop cable for 5G: ftth fiber drop cable for 5G is a small-sized ftth fiber drop cable derived for the existing 5G construction. Mainstream products used.
3. Side-by-side structure ftth drop cable, long-span weather-resistant ftth drop cable: Side-by-side structure butterfly drop cable and weather-resistant long-span butterfly drop cable products can meet the application needs of some niche markets. The side-by-side structure ftth drop cable can realize the separate transmission of TV signals and data signals, but only needs the effect of one construction; the long-span weather-resistant ftth drop cable can meet the needs of rural remote areas due to its large tensile strength and wear resistance. FTTH network construction application.
The optical cables of the above new structures will be different in the process of the ftth cable manufacturer. At the same time, a new batch of ftth drop cable suppliers will emerge and walk in the forefront of the industry.
FTTH fiber cable is the best alternative product for FTTx network solution. It plays a unique role in the establishment of intelligent building, digital community, campus network, LAN and other networks. After years of use, the advantages of FTTH drop cable in FTTH access network have been fully reflected, and its manufacturing technology and related supporting technologies have been quite mature. At this stage, FTTH drop cable is the best choice for FTTH home optical cable. Opelink is a FTTH drop cable supplier, providing various types of FTTH fiber drop cables required by the market, keeping pace with the development of the industry and winning the market with service and quality.

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