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Fiber Optic Jumper – Everything You Need to Know

Fiber Optic Jumper – Everything You Need to Know

Fiber optic jumper, also known as Fiber optic patch cords, are instrumental in connecting different devices in a fiber optic network. With its fiber optic connector on both ends, it is compatible with various connectors like LC, SC, ST, FC, and MPO/MTP connectors to plug into different devices.
Using the same type of connectors on both ends is ideal for devices with identical ports. For instance, SC to SC fiber optic patch cord, ST to ST fiber optic patch cord, or MPO-MPO patch cable are suitable options. On the other hand, if you want to connect different types of ports, using fiber optic jumper with different types of connectors on both ends, such as LC to SC fiber patch cable, LC to ST fiber patch cord, or SC to ST fiber cable can get the job done.
Classification Based on Material
Fiber optic jumpers can be classified as ordinary, ordinary flame retardancy, low smoke halogen, low smoke halogen flame retardant, etc., based on the outer sheath material of the cable. To ensure the level of building fire protection and materials refractory, integrated wiring systems should take appropriate measures. In areas where flammable materials and building shafts are present, flame retardant cable and optical cable should be used. Large-scale public places require flame retardant, low smoke, and low toxicity cables, while flame retardant wiring devices are ideal for equipment use.
Applications of Fiber Optic Jumper
Fiber optic jumpers have a wide range of applications such as:
1.Optical fiber communication system.
2.Fiber-optic broadband access network.
3.Optical fiber for CATV.
4.Local Area Network (LAN).
5.Fiber optic instrument.
6.Optical fiber data transmission system.
7.Testing equipment.

Fiber optic jumper is essential for linking devices in a fiber optic network. The connectors’ compatibility with various devices, coupled with the classification such as ordinary, ordinary flame retardancy, low smoke halogen, and low smoke halogen flame retardant, makes it a versatile tool for different applications. Understanding its usage and applications can aid in selecting the ideal fiber optic jumper that suits your needs.


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