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By goodvin | 14 June 2019 | 0 Comments

Applications for FTTH Drop Fiber Optic Cable

FTTH Drop Fiber Optic Cable is proved to deliver bundled or individual data, voice and video services to the home more efficiently-and securely-versus traditional copper transport mediums. We are all aware of slow dial-up frustrations, DSL outages, and coax cable issues . Once fiber optics deployed- as an end to end solution- all these inherent problems associated with copper /coax based transport factilities virtually disappear.
1. Special low-bend-sensitivity fiber provides high bandwidth and excellent communication transmission property;
2. Two parallel FRP strength members ensure good performance of crush resistance to protect the fiber;
3. Simple structure, light weight and high practicability;
4. More bandwidth, reliability and low cost;
5. Novel flute design, easily strip and splice, simplify the installation and maintenance;
6. Low smoke, zero halogen and flame retardant sheath.
Applications :
1. FTTH system
2. Indoor riser level and plenum level cable distribution
3. Interconnect between instruments, communication equipments.


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