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ADSS Optical Fiber Cable

                                                              ADSS Optical Fiber Cable
This article will introduce ADSS Optical Fiber Cable from many aspects.
1.ADSS cable definition:
 All Dielectric Self-Supporting Arial Cable,Used for power lines, overhead laying.

2.Structure of ADSS Optical Fiber cable:
ADSS optical Fiber cable can choose two basic structures: loose tube stranded structure and central tube structure. The loose tube stranded structure is recognized by most users, and its tensile, compressive and bending properties are very superior.
3.Related parameters:
a.EDS:everyday stress Unit: kN  
b.MAT:maximum allowed tensile  Unit: kN  
c.Breaking strength: unit: kN
d.Cross-sectional area of tensile element: cross-sectional area of aramid yarn, unit: mm
e.E-module, unit: kN/mm2 (Gpa)
f.Coefficient of thermal expansion: Unit: 10-6/K
4.The choice of ADSS optical Fiber cable
A.Line weather conditions
B.Installation sag: Different installation sags will have a great impact on the force of the optical cable. Generally speaking, the larger the pitch, the installation
The sag is also correspondingly increased, and an increase in the installation sag will reduce the tension on the optical cable. Therefore, we must confirm with the customer the range of the line installation sag before choosing the ADSS optical cable
C.Line voltage level: different line voltage will affect the choice of ADSS optical cable arc sleeve type
Sheath type: PE/AT
Maximum induced potential: 12KV/25KV
Applicable voltage: 110KV below/110KV and above
D.Span: A certain section of the line (tensile section) may contain different spans. In order to ensure the safety of the line, we will select the optical cable according to the maximum span in the section of the line. The following table shows the 1% installation arc sag. Correspondence between the maximum allowable working tension of ADSS optical Fiber cable, meteorological conditions and applicable span
5.ADSS optical Fiber cable applicable temperature range
Operating, storage and transportation temperature range of ADSS optical cable: -40-+60℃
6.Safety factor of ADSS optical cable line
The safety factor / the breaking strength of the optical cable / the maximum allowable working tension of the optical cable. The safety factor of the ADSS optical Fiber cable is 2.5 (reference).
7.The requirements of power lines on ADSS optical Fiber cables
a.Mechanical strength: ADSS optical cable is suspended in the air, with a large span, and is affected by ice and wind loads. It requires high mechanical strength, and the optical fiber is not allowed to be strained.
b.Resistance to electrical corrosion: ADSS optical Fiber cable runs in a high field environment. Electrical corrosion, especially electric arc, seriously affects the integrity of the outer sheath of the optical cable, and may endanger the safety of the optical fiber and endanger normal power communication.

There are only so many introductions to ADSS optical Fiber cables. If you have any purchase requirements, please contact us

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